Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life is too short to not try the world :)

 Hi All -

I am proud to announce that I have turned my passion for international food into a new business!

It's called Try The World (

Try The World is a subscription box service delivering the best products from the most exciting places in the world to your door. Every 60 days, we ship a box of our curated picks from a different country.

We launched this week and are excited to present our first box - the Classic Paris Box.

This box includes some of the finest gourmet products made by family-owned (some over a hundred years old!)businesses using traditional methods sourced from across France. We are most excited about our sel de guerande (considered the most prized of all salts for its texture and complex mineral content), all natural black olive tapenade from the South of France, and a chestnut spread (yes for you weird food lovers, this one might be a hit!)

Clément Faugier
Chestnut spread

 I am super excited about this box as I have been a huge fan of all things French ever since I lived in Paris for a year back in 2005-2006. We've timed the launch of this box specifically for Mother's Day because pretty much all mothers love French things - n'est ce pas?  It really makes a great gift. :)

We are working hard on our next 2 boxes - Tokyo and Istanbul! If you know of any particular amazing Japanese or Turkish products that we simply must include, please send me a note at sayhello at trytheworld dot com.

In the meantime, please like and share our facebook page to stay tuned.

Thank you!!


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