Friday, June 7, 2013

Kat and Steven Page try brain quesadillas on The Illegal Eater

Today I met Steven Page, former singer of The Barenaked Ladies, to shoot an episode for his new reality TV show "The Illegal Eater", which premiers this fall on the Canadian Network Travel+Escape. 

Steven Page and Kat of Weird Food Club

We met at La Superior, a Mexican restaurant in Williamsburg, to try some pork brain quesadillas (sesadillas), beef tongue tacos (tacos de lengua), and a Mexican corn dish called esquites. Since March Steven has been traveling throughout the US and Canada to try unusual and illegal foods, some cooked in speakeatery style restaurants.  In this episode of Illegal Eater, Steven and I chat about indulgence in food, and how extreme and bizarre foods, like balut or live octopus, can be a form of indulgence.

La Superior's taco de lengua, sesadilla, and esquites (photo by Nacxitl)
As we ate our brain quesadillas, our conversation took us to the fact that all parts of the animals could be eaten, including bull penis and testicles. When I asked him if he’s ever had Rocky Mountain oysters, Steven joked that he’s never eaten testicles, at least not ones detached from the shaft.

I had a really great time with Steven. He’s a down to earth, fun and adventurous guy with a great sense of humor. I was seriously impressed by his ability to improvise, one of his signature traits that made Barenaked Ladies famous.
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