Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whole Frog at Kenka (22 St. Mark's Place)

Kenka is where it all started. I tried bull penis at Kenka on a dare and from then on, the weird food just wouldn't stop. Now when I think back, bull penis doesn't even seem so strange to me and when I recount the story, even though everyone generally tends to cringe they continue to ask with wide open eyes what it tasted like.

I went back to Kenka last night to try their whole fried frog. I've had frog legs before, but they weren't prepared well (too dry). Frog legs can often be found in French and Thai restaurants, but rarely can you find a place that will serve you a entire deep fried frog.

The frog at Kenka was lightly breaded, deep fried whole, placed on two skewers, served on a small mound of cabbage and lettuce, and covered in kewpie mayo. It was absolutely delicious. It tasted very much like tender fried chicken and its legs look a lot like skinny drum sticks.

I liked playing with the frog's feet and even tried chewing on those scary long curly toes. But more fun than anything is the fact that you can tell what animal you're eating because you can see it in its entirety. It was delightful! Playing with my frog and eating it made me feel like a wacky kid.

Not all frogs are edible. Edible frogs tend to be brown. Bright-colored frogs may be poisonous, so don't go out and eat your exotic pet frog.

Like alligator, in terms of taste, frogs could really be a great replacement for chicken, except they cost about $9/pound whereas chicken is $1-2/pound. Frogs are not very meaty, either. Someone should start a frog farm and feed them some roids to compete with chicken on equal terms. I can just see the future of frog meat markets: "Organic, free range frogs!" I'm actually not sure if this frog was steroids free - look how enormous it is. It's almost the size of my head.

A whole frog is definitely worth trying, and I rate it 7 out of 10. It's fun, not too bizarre, and tasty, plus at Kenka one whole frog will only set you back $8 (but order something else in addition if you're hungry). Kenka's awesome menu and prices continue to blow my mind. Next time I go, I'll have to try their turkey testicles, deep fried garlic, cow intestines, and pig feet.

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  1. Weird food extravaganza last light at Kenka! Cow tongue, chicken gizzards, turkey testicles and finally..bull's penis. The turkey balls were good (like a lightweight sausage), although I have to disagree with you on the bull penis. I could hardly get it down. So so gross. Like you said, The prices blew my mind. You should try the grasshopper taco at Toloache in the theatre dist. Awesome. And check out my blog if you get a chance: Keep up the great writing!