Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to Weird Food Club

Friends have noticed that whenever I go to a new restaurant, instead of trying a staple dish to assess how well they make it in comparison to other places, I tend to get the weirdest thing on the menu. Whether it ends up good or bad is not a question in my mind at the moment of making my order. I only care about trying something new, unusual, sometimes yucky that other people would dare not try.

With the popularity of food critics like Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain, and even travel show hosts like Samantha Brown, and their bizarre food excursions, weird food itself is becoming of interest to many people.

I love to travel, but with a full-time office job, like many people, I only get a limited number of vacation days. However, luckily, my partner in crime / bizarre food enthusiast Kevin and I live in New York, the most diverse of culinary melting pots, so we bring to you a blog about all the weirdest foods you can find in New York City.

This is one of the first google image results for "weird food". Wouldn't you want to try these delicious chicken feet?


  1. Not to be rude... but gross! And how awful to chickens! The poor chicken............

  2. The feet arn't the problem - grew up eating them but what is the rest of the stuff? the feathers!

  3. you consider Jackfruit a weird food?!!!
    Ripe jack fruit is one of the tastiest, sweetest innocuous (nonstinky, nonoffensive)fruits of all.One of the great fruits of South India along with King Mango. Exotic for Americans, perhaps. Definitely not weird. Don't confuse it with Durian.