Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bacon It In NYC

Bacon usually goes with pancakes, eggs, or some other breakfast entree. Occasionally, bacon is used with other dishes: scallops wrapped in bacon, bacon-wrapped cocktail wieners, the classic BLT, and also chopped up in salads and added to other veggies.
Coincidentally, I started coming across some non-traditional uses of bacon and wanted to dedicate this post to NYC-based baconites and their creations. Behold!

1. Chocolate-covered bacon

Sure, we've all had chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered cherries, and chocolate covered raisins. However, this wonderful marvel is sure to please. Sold at Roni-Sue's Shoppe at Essex Market, about a quarter pound (~$10) of this item will give you and your friends a fixation that you won't be able to shake. Coronary insurance not included. Recommendation: 8 out of 10.

Photo: Choco-bacon lover from Roni-Sue's Shoppe giving away samples at the 2009 Chocolate Show

On Avenue A there's a joint known as the Double Down Saloon that serves up "booze, booze, and more booze" making one consider the reason or reasons people drink to begin with.

First, bacon-infused vodka. Second, Slim Jim garnish. Third, drink. Getting the drink down was tough. If you want to re-live the experience, it might help to have a few drinks somewhere else first, so you're prepared for the atmosphere as well as the actual beverage. Review: 5 of 10.

3. Bacon Bubble Gum

Okay, so there isn't exactly any real bacon in this one, only artificial flavoring. However, the trip to Dylan's Candy Bar on the Upper East Side is worth it. I found this gem on the lower level. Verdict: 3 of 10, only a must for the most hardcore bacon lovers.

4. Bacon Ice Cream
A few people cringed upon hearing this phrase. Do not. Embrace. Applewood in Park Slope has one of the greatest desserts ever devised (Its other food is exceptional as well). Bacon ice cream over a maple cake that was so heavenly, even this self-ascribed savory-salty tooth gobbled it down with delight. Word of caution: we were informed that the restaurant does not offer this item daily, so be sure to call head and tell them you're a bacon guy (or gal) as I did. Overall 10 of 10. This is arguably the best bacon incorporated item, ever! Or if you can't make it to Applewood, try making your own bacon ice cream at home

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