Monday, February 22, 2010

In search of live octopus...

When I came across Sushi UO's menu containing live octopus, live abalone, live scallop, live giant clam, live pen shell and live orange clam, I thought I hit the weird food jackpot. Sushi UO at 151 Rivington St is a hidden gem, most people say, so I could not contain my excitement and even brought a video camera to record my experience there.

Unfortunately for us, we discovered that Sushi UO's definition of "live" is merely "very fresh", and although the sashimi was delicious, this misnomer was a huge letdown for us weird food fanatics. In our opinion, if it doesn't have a heartbeat, it's not alive, and we don't like gimmicky marketing.

Sea Urchin Roe at Sushi UO

But we didn't let this ruin our night. We enjoyed the sea urchin roe (7 out of 10), which was delicate and creamy, but presented on a plain white dish rather than in the spiky urchin shell.

Their perfectly grilled sea eel on the other hand was truly sumptuous (9 out of 10, only because it is not "weird") and might be the item worth coming back for.

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