Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dusseldorf weird foods

Here are a few bizarre food items I picked up while in Dusseldorf, Germany:
  • candy that tasted like cardboard with sour poprocks-esque filling inside
  • caviar spread in a toothpaste tube
  • deer terrine
  • Killepitsch, a local liquor that tastes like cough syrup and sounds like "Kill a b*tch"
  • pistachio spread that got taken away by airport security
  • bubble gum in a tube
  • chocolate with absinthe filling
  • chocolate pasta that tasted a lot like regular pasta
  • candy cigarettes (there were rumors these were banned in the US, but in fact it was real candy/fruit-flavored cigarettes that were banned)
  • candy that looks like eggs -- so much fun!
Other items not pictured:

I also had the opportunity to attend a cooking class with Frank Petzchen Cooking School where my coworkers and I learned how to make Mustard Soup with Blood Sausage Ravioli.

See recipe posted further.

Recipe for Dusseldorf Mustard Soup with Blood Sausage-Apple Ravioli

Ingredients for 4 people

200g celery
60g onion
30g butter
500ml chicken stock
20g roux (1:1)
200ml cream
80g mustard

80g black pudding (blood sausage)
30g apple
30g onion
8 wan-tan leaves
1 egg
chip/ French fry fat


Mustard Soup:
Cut celery into fine slices.
Cut onion into slices, melt in butter and fill up with chicken stock.
Cook celery until tender, puree and strain it.
Boil the broth and use roux to thicken it.
Add cream and season to taste.
Before serving add the mustard with a blender.

Black pudding/apple ravioli:
Chop blood pudding, apple and onion into small cubes and then fry in a pan
Season with majoram and let it cool
Apportion the mix on the wan-tan leaves and glue the sides with egg
Deep fry the ravioli in chip fat and place two ravioli in each soup bowl.

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