Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If you’re looking for bizarre food, don’t look much further than your fridge!

If you ever look in your fridge and see nothing but anchovies, peanut butter and toast – you’ve hit the jackpot! At least, so claims Steve Wiley, who recently sent me his book “Are You Gonna Eat That?!” – a compilation of the weirdest culinary concoctions made out of the most common ingredients found in American kitchens.

I loved some of these crazy food combos that could only have been invented by starving (and/or bored) children: chips & whipped cream, uncooked pasta dipped in chunky peanut butter or cereal and orange juice.

Accompanied by juicy photos, some of these combos might actually be good:
• Cantaloupe with cayenne pepper
• Cream cheese on toast with orange marmalade and cocoa puffs
• Corn flakes with beer – a potential hangover cure that Zane Lamprey might enjoy??

Whereas others are truly bloodcurdling:
• Tuna salad and nutella on toast
• Cola with peanuts inside the bottle
• Bananas and fried egg yolk - YUCK! :)

If ever in need of entertainment, flip through this book, and point randomly to find your next snack. Or better yet, make your own crazy concoction!

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